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 My Story   

Sorry about my poor English!!   This is a reduced Site ! Sorry about that as well ! (Some Componets are still in German sorry !

In Winter 2002  I observed that Minki she was 12 yeas old was drinking and Orin quite a lot. When we had to go to the vet for the vacunations in December I told her about that ... she imminently thought that the kidneys have been damaged! She made a blood analyse and told me that the values are slightly raised. So Minki became a kidney diet!
she didn't liked that kind of food cause she has been nearly all her life on Whiskas, Felix etc.
she lost in that time a lot of weight about 1.5kg (she came down to 3.5kg) when we went again the values from the kidneys were stabilities !! But the sugar was very HI! About 500!!
So she said it seems it is diabetic!! And she said ohhhh... that is very difficult to treat in cats!
Next day we went back I carryed with me a Glucometer I got once in promotion (I am a Nurse at  big Hospital) with me to do right away a test when she get the blood - she told me this can not be right because you can not get capillary blood from a cat it must be venous blood !  But I convenced her to try !! (Now she is comletly convenced !! And trying to learn more ......)
So she left me a drop of blood to test it. When she came with the result from here analyser it was just a difference of 30 points! She put Minki on 2ue Canininsulin Curve !

The first days it seemed that we are doing well, but then the next day we got a lovely "somolgy" but I didn't no and the vet either !
So we carried on rising up the insulin ! because the BG was rising and rising!! Very often we got HI!!
(I was already thinking that something here is strange but I was trusting) then I started to look for help at the web I found Helgas HP!! Maybe the best HP for Catdiabetis in German!
There they told me to start again with 1 ue it was strange we went down to values of 450-550 but every time we started rising the insulin (slowly in 0.5ue steps) we got again very high values! We wouldn't rise the insulin now on twice a day to more than 1.6-1.8 then we got "somogly"

So I decided to change to Hypurin Bovine Lente that in the forum they recommended me.
I were thinking about 2 weeks how to reach it till I got the idea that I can reach it in Gibraltar (400km from here)!!
I live in Spain (close to Malaga)!!!

When we started with the Hypurin! Minki feed better the BG went more stable but still they are not good.
about 2 months ago Minki became to walk bad she wasn't able to jump and so on ... (neuropathy) I started with Xobaline 2 weeks ago recommended in Helgas forum !! And it is already better!! Hypurin Bovine Lente (Curve 2 with Trend)
Now I am between 2 and 2.6 ue of the Hypurin but the BG are getting better now we are between 100 and 300 !!!
You can see the BG (BMT) curve here (sorry the very actual one is in German but numbers are international

After using now 3 months the Hypurin Insulin, I had to cut down the dosage quite a lot !! now we are on 1-1.5ue and we usually get  BG's values between 100-300 !! So that is quite good !!

We carry on with the "xobaline" for the neuropathie and that went quite well !! now she is a ot better in running and jumping than 2 months before!!


Update : Dez 2003 : Now we have nearly the same cat like befor the diabetis she can run jump nearly like before !! ist so nice to that she is doing fine !!! we still fight with the "right" insulin dose but as well we are geting better. and the glucose levers are more or less ok !! between 100-300 somtimes not but is is ok !! we lower or rise our insulin dose and we can mange it now.....