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1 Recepie

1 large cattle heart freshly with much blood if possible  or if you prefer 500-700g of chickens hearts if you would like still a few chickens liver however no longer than 4-6 pieces!! also lung and spleen if you get.

8 -10 chicken thighs with strikes (we get nearly half chickens are sometimes still also bischen lung to only even without chest) with strikes!

2-3 large whole carrots (replaced fit with springs)

1-2 EL getrockentet egg shell husbands (calcium - bone replacement)

3 cap. taurin 500mg

3 cap. Vit E 200mg


get the flesh from thechicken legs and the bones cook you can with 1 1/2 l water and half spoon sea salt approx.20 min. then remove the bones from get the remaining meat and cook in this water 2 EL bio oats leave it cool down! in the meantime I cut the cattle heart, chicken meat etc and and the  washed carrots by a fleshwolf!! this mass I blend now with taurin, vit E, egg shells and cooked chickenbones water + rolled oats! that results in a giant tank!

those are weighed out and frozen! I always take the bags in the afternoon from the deep-freeze! then i put them into the refrigerator. then just befor feeding time i give some salmon oil over it !!

my two cats are loving that !!


2 Recepie

is not so rich and  however it is also not so complete!but good as well !

I take chicken stomachs, chicken heart and a bischen chicken meat, everything fresh in addition mix I if I final have approx. 1kg 2 cap taurin and 2cap Vit.E that goes as wel into bags filled and frozen! before I feeding I put some flax seeds or chopped sunflower cores as topping and naturally the salmon oil!! if I forget it sometimes they look at me completely understandingless!!


3 Recepie

 4-5 chickenlegs approx. 300g raw chicken hearts (I buy always 1kg chicken heart/liver mixture the liver I make then for us, and the hearts for the cats) cut the meat and heart if you have and want you can do it as well in the fleshwolf add 2 carrots (finely rubbed), the bones cook 20min in 1/2l water get the rest of the meat mix it with the fresh meat and in the water cook  2 EL bio oats !! then add 2cap taurin and2cap. vit E and 1EL fine egg shell!!

filled into bags and freeze.


then  every 2 weeks they get once 1x fresh fish! however then purely as  possible to the a few fishbones however without strikes! sometimes salmon, bacalao, or as well sadienen and other one fishes mostly they eat about 100-120g and if it  should be something  special they get  crabs